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Rory’s Choice is a novel shaped by fifteen-year-old Rory’s decision to befriend the new neighbor boy.  This secret friendship is the catalyst for all kinds of changes—helping her father’s tortured past shows her how complicated doing the right thing can get.  When her secret relationship with the neighbor boy is revealed, she will be forced to face the rumor-mill herself. The snide comments don’t hurt near as much when she’s dipped into her first kiss.

A Heart Divided

Rory’s Choice

Book One

A theatre Major from Southern Utah University, Janelle Evans is a consummate Drama queen. Through her days on the stage are far behind her now,she still enjoys Live theatre and good books.

      Young adult novels are her favorite genre to write and read. She lived in the northwest with her husband and three children.

"Rory's Choice is the brilliant debut novel of author Janelle Evans. It's a beautiful story about a teenager named Rory who lives in her vibrant big sister's shadow.  She id trying to find her place in her family and her life. She can get through anything with her horse Duke, at her side. When she begins a secret friendship with the new boy and finally wins the right to start barrel racing life begins looking up. Filled with the highs and lows of teenage angst this well-written story will keep you enthralled until the end."

Shannon Dangle, a Teacher Candidate supervisor for BYUI


Rory's Choice

Book Two

Rory got the kiss, but not the fairy tale. Her Prince Charming went off to college. Now, left to face the rumor-mill alone, she discovers far more dangerous things lurking in town than gossip—a plot to harm her! Everyone pushes her around as a pawn in this game of intrigue until she can’t take it anymore. She takes back her life, deciding for herself what is best. But those choices send her careening toward events she can’t avoid. Learning the hard way that for every choice made, a price must be paid…

Go on a roller coaster ride with Rory Olsen in Evans sequel to Rory’s Choice, Consequences. Secrets are reveled and plenty of hearts are broken. This segment-packed book number two will have you on the edge of your seat and ready for book three!

Jen Atkinson Author of LIKE HOME


Thorns Of Revenge

Rory's Choice

Book Three

More than a year may have passed, but some wounds need more than time to heal—they need revenge…

Hiding her heart behind a wall of indifference, Rory keeps everyone at arm’s length. She struggles with Jake’s return to Pinedale, but finds herself roped into being his Hippotherapist. Cruel notes and “roses of death” begin to appear, adding to Rory’s frustration. The notes are unsigned but they must be from Jake, his anger evident whenever they are together. But is he the only one bitter about the past? Rory better figure it out soon—revenge is already lurking at her door.