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A Twist in Crime

A collection of tales with a back story. I developed the idea of novels based on a narrator telling several short stories while traveled from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. My flight often ended just about the time a story reached a place where I hated to put it down. With each chapter being a stand-alone short story the reader doesn’t have to wait for the flight back home to find out “who done it.”  The stories are held together by a back-story crime, one in which the the narrator is involved. These stories come from three main sources, news articles, tidbits of information gleaned from overheard conversations and thin air.

Code Snapdragon

While investigating the murder of a man, found staked to a tree with a poisoned dart through his open mouth, Detective Roman Crain is pulled into an international search for the missing pages to a formula for a medical breakthrough. The clues lead him from Las Vegas, Nevada to Peru, Amsterdam, and beyond. Can he find the culprit trying to sell the missing pages to this life-saving formula? Will he be able to protect the people around him, and save the woman he loves from imminent danger?