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     I wrote Shelter Me from my experiences working in the department of psychiatry at Boston Regional Medical Center (Massachusetts), I witnessed first hand hundreds of battered women and children come into the clinic, many of whom had to be hospitalized for injuries both physical and emotional, and, their trauma left a toll on my psyche.

     I could not reconcile how people who professed to love someone could, at the same time, violate, beat, berate or damage their loved one, whether a wife, a child or a partner.

      Through journaling, I gained distance from their individual stories, while maintaining my ability to care about them as individuals, though my inability to understand abuse remained.

    Relocating to Las Vegas, NV, I volunteered at Safe Nest: a battered women’s organization and confidential shelter, where I gained invaluable insight and resources for understanding this terrible violation, and where I was privileged to volunteer some time.

      When I became a widow, I began wondering about my married life compared to that of the abused women, and so I wrote  Shelter Me to look at both sides – good love versus bad love.

      My first hope in writing this book is battered women will realize that a bad love is not better than no love, and that good love relationships are possible.

      My second hope is to educate those who do not understand the insidious nature of abuse, and, how like money stolen from your purse, it steals your self-esteem until you have no currency left with which to relocate or to buy a “get out of jail” card.

      It’s never as simple as “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and GET OUT OF THERE"


Janelle Evans

Janelle Evans: For years, my dramatic side compelled me into the life of a stage actor. But after marriage and three children, I found this side of my life dowsed with the time constraints of my latest role—mother. Six years ago, with the help of my amazingly supportive husband, I began the journey of writing my debut young adult novel, “Rory's Choice”. The pulsing creativity that once pushed me to delve into the characters I played on stage became the catalyst for the true-to-life characters in my book—that has since blossomed into a series of three books. It will be awesome to finally see it on the bookshelves one day. My hope is everyone who opens the book will find as much joy reading it as I did creating it, and come back begging for more. As for now, I’m off to create my next literary adventure.


Annette Olsen: Wrote her first book, Time Will Tell, when she was 28. The hero, Cody, is realistic, yet amazing. His story is a of time travel taking place in the historical old west and has all the earmarks of a western, but turned into a suspense/romance. Her second book, Timing Is Everything, came out in print in 2011. She has several short stories, showcase by All She Wants For Christmas also out in 2011, and Enough With The Mistletoe, in a Christmas anthology titled, All Wrapped Up.


Annette Olsen

Darlien C. Breeze


Darlien C. Breeze

Darlien is the author of MINI TALES, short mysteries for busy people. A California native, she is a sixteen year resident of Las Vegas. Her grandfather was a copper and gold miner. As a child she learned to sort mine rubble into mineral-bearing ore versus plain rock. The town was Cross Roads, 30 miles of unpaved, washboard roads away. We had no electricity and hauled water from the Colorado River. Fresh meat was rabbits and quail killed from our cabin window by my crack-shot grandmother’s .22. Darlien taught school for 17½ years, sold real estate, owned and operated an import/export business, and is currently a vocational counselor. Other books: Small Pony, the story of a Navajo boy who has to decide between his world and the white man’s. (volume in library systems of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Riverside California). She wrote Import/Export And You as a textbook for classes, and taught at the Community College of Southern Nevada. Ghosts & Gamblers and A Life of Crime were releases in 2011.