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Miranda discovered sometimes people aren't what they seem — not even close. Considering her own secrets, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

     Complicating her life  are two mysterious men, hot enough to melt chocolate, single-mindedly pursuing her. Miranda’s confusion is justified though, because men of their caliber don't usually notice someone like her.

        Miranda soon discovers the abilities she possesses, others are desperate to control — at any price. Powers such as hers have never been so seductive, but can one of these men truly be her Knight of Light.


Knight of Light.

Annette Louise lives in the hot desert of Southern Utah with her three beautiful children. She is a college graduate who has returned to school to get her nursing degree. While she enjoys helping others, her true passion lies in creating stories that set the imagination on fire. She believes that a great story is the best form of escape from a busy and chaotic world. She hopes you will enjoy being transformed into another time and place as you enter the pages of Knight of Light!

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